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what happened to the blog?

this happened… then this happened…   then i went home, and had it all done again because the docs in Peru got it all a bit wrong. and now those pesky Peruvians have taken a liking to Betsy, and seem to want her to stay there. stay tuned for developments on that front. my leg … Continue reading »

leaving bolivia

Spent today waiting for hours on the side of the road between roadworks and landslides on the continuation of the death road, which incidentally is much more death defying than the actual death road.  Dirt, very slippery, lots of trucks, a 500m sheer drop along most of it without any guard rail, and only a … Continue reading »

bolivia (pictures only)



I was really looking forward to La Paz, but it turned out to be a bit of a downer.  Sherri had a bag stolen the night we arrived which put a big dampener on things, the traffic was horrible and there were student protests the whole time we were there.  We did find a cool … Continue reading »

Argentina into Bolivia (pictures only)

Argentina into Bolivia

As of my last post things were looking a little grim, we were staying in a tiny dusty town in northern Argentina where i had Betsy laying on her side overnight while the epoxy i put on the engine case dried.     Epoxy isn’t something I’d usually use to repair an oil leak, but … Continue reading »

bad news…

i’m sitting in a little bar while my bike lays on it’s side in the next room, one of the engine cases smeared in an epoxy to try to temporarily stop the oil coming from a crack about 10cm long under the motor, i suspect caused by the sidestand being bolted to the engine case, … Continue reading »

riding a dakar competition stage… pretty cool!

riding in argentina has been awesome, the mountains here are just so big, and there’s so many  tracks and dirt roads that we dont really need to use the highways at all. after breaking my brake line we decided to make tracks for the biggest city nearby called salta, but on the way there we … Continue reading »

back into argentinia… wow… ouch!

barton returns from scouting the riverbed and gives me the thumbs up.  deep down this was what i was a little afraid of, and not even that deep and certainly not that little. “i think you can do it, but it’s lots of rocks, lots of big rocks…  but if you’re not sure we can … Continue reading »

riding the chilean coastline

what an amazing day, 240km riding along the chilean coast, not on a road along the chilean coast, but actually on the beach, and where the cliffs intervened, along small tracks linking the beaches. it’s been a long time since we saw any deep sand, and so the day started a little tentatively, which on … Continue reading »