hi there, my name is Dino, although most people back home call me Dean.  In 2010 i set off on a little adventure that changed my life.

in the karakhorum desert, turkmenistan
in the karakhorum desert, turkmenistan

My brother Paul and i rode a couple of motorcycles from Cape Town (South Africa) to Magadan (eastern Russia).  Paul went home from there, but i decided to kick on and see if i could make it all the way back to Australia via Japan, SE Asia and Indonesia.

8 months later i rolled into my driveway to complete the trip…  or so i thought!

It turns out that life on the road really does change you, so now i want to create a life less ordinary.

This blog is my story, but it’s mainly for the benefit of my poor mother who still doesnt know i’m leaving again. 

Hi Mum! By the time you read this i’ll probably be in Cambodia having the time of my life.

My last trip covered 90,000km across more than 40 borders. www.donkeyandthemule.com.au is the website, some lighthearted reading and lots of great pics there.

Hopefully this trip will be just as much a learning experience, i hope you enjoy the ride as much as i do.




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