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ride for cambodia

leaving bolivia

Spent today waiting for hours on the side of the road between roadworks and landslides on the continuation of the death road, which incidentally is much more death defying than the actual death road.  Dirt, very slippery, lots of trucks, a 500m sheer drop along most of it without any guard rail, and only a few metres wide.  Oh, and these little flea things that will bite you to death before you realise it’s happening.  The itching is driving me insane.  Did i mention i also have food poisoning… some Borat lines come to mind.





Crossed the border to Peru today, usual border crossing stuff, and rode about another 200km to Juiaca.  Finally have some net access so uploading all the blog stuff from the last week or so.  Slept last night in a hostal where at about 11pm it sounded like a marching band was playing outside my room at full volume, closely followed by a banging on the door…

“what?!”  it’s barton of course…
“dude, there’s a frikking band playing down stairs!!”  barton hands me a beer through my window
“what the fuck is going on?!”  i’m half asleep…
“yeah i know man, it’s crazy, but what the hell, they aren’t gonna stop so lets go hang out!
“um… ok”

we go down to see, and sure enough there is a band playing, brass instruments and big bass drums, some really drunk people are dancing, i figure the band must be drunk too because some of the music is not so great, but for the most part it’s fun.  Random, but fun 🙂

It occurs to me that you could never get away with cranking up a drunken marching band at full volume at midnight back home, people just wouldn’t stand for it, whereas over here they get out of bed and go into the street to dance and drink with the band 🙂

Now what’s going to be behind door number 3?!!


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