People often ask if i’ve had much trouble with betsy, it’s not much, but here’s the up to date list of things that have gone wrong:

  1. side stand kill switch failed early on, i bypassed it and ran without one for the rest of the trip.
  2. voltage regulators – i have now had 2 give up but a reg from a cbr900 has been doing the job for the past 35,000km
  3. clutch slave cylinder seal x 2
  4. clutch master cylinder seals x 2
  5. broken subframe (my fault)
  6. buring oil – it burned a little oil from new, something like 200ml/1000km.  this got much worse as the miles rolled by, and i was putting almost a litre a day into her at the end.  i’m hoping to have cured this with the rebuild, ring end gap was 4mm, nicaseal worn through in both barrels.
  7. clutch actuator shaft seal
  8. thermo fan switch failed
  9. waterpump seal replaced (pic below)
  10. starter motor solenoid – I cooked one at about 40,000km, suspect the cables came loose, generated heat and melted it.
  11. stator fried
  12. full engine rebuild at 95,000km.  pistons and barrels, engine bearings, seals etc.

then there’s lots of maintenance, but that’s normal stuff like brake pads, sprockets, tyres, servicing etc.

We just rebuilt the engine for the next trip so hopefully things will be solid for a long time now… right betsy!?

waterpump seal replacement at lake toba, indonesia

waterpump seal replacement at lake toba, indonesia


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