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finally ready to leave santiago!

it’s taken more than a week but we are finally ready to roll out of here.  barton has spent the last week unpacking and repacking crates and boxes to find the parts he needed to turn the husaberg from a short distance bike into an adventure bike.

finally ready to leave santiago

finally ready to leave santiago


we had planned to leave this morning but there was a local festival we were invited to last night where they served drinks called terramonto’s, (earthquake’s) –  you can imagine how that ended

so this morning was really sloooowwwwww.  but we are finally totally packed and ready to put the keys in and ride away.

big thanks to Yohan Yanko for having me stay in his house for this past week, Yohan was a previous world record holder for the highest altitude ever reached by a motorised vehicle, he’s also a great guy and we hope to see him again further north as we get closer to Venezuela.

hasta 🙂



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