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a plan takes shape… and an accident.

we’re headed back to Yohan’s place after mailing some bags and other unnecessary items back to australia and it starts to rain… so the road is a little wet, not the sort of gushing ‘i’m riding across a river’ kind of wet, but more like a ‘i wish it was just a bit dryer’ sort of wet.

we enter a three lane roundabout and i’m checking the gps to see which exit to take, and also looking to make sure barton and i don’t get seperated, i look forward again and the car infront of me has slowed a bit so i use a little rear brake to wash off some speed…

the rear of the bike instantly loses traction and starts to come around on me, i turn into it and release the brake but it wont grab and before i know it i’m pointing in the wrong direction (still upright for a moment!!) and then i go skidding down the road with cars swerving in all direction to avoid me.

what the fuck!?

i haven’t hurt anything too badly so quickly get up and go back to betsy who is a little upset with me understandably.  I pick her up and apologise as the traffic starts to move around me again (no thanks for the help Santiago’ans!).

By the time i get to the footpath barton is off his bike and swearing about something, but i’m too occupied with trying to work out what just happened to listen too closely…

something about “it only rains here 7 times a year, so when it does the roads are like ice!”  well i’ve ridden on ice before and it wasn’t THAT slippery…

oh well, we give betsy a once over and with nothing damaged we set off again, this time even more carefully!

another km passes and riding down one of the main roads in central santiago IN A STRAIGHT LINE i almost fall again.  And then again, and then again…

barton runs out of fuel, and he almost falls over crossing the road to find a container!

ok this is a bit crazy, lets pull over till it dries up and then try again.

cue beer and burgers.

eventually we arrive back at Yohan’s place where we’d planned to talk about a route with Yohan and his Father… severals hours later we have it…


the rough plan

the rough plan


actually there were about 6 maps involved with much ooooo – ing and aaaaaa – ing, but the general idea is to head north to bolivia, then peru to machu pichu. from there into brazil and across the middle of the amazon into the east part of venezuela and the caribbean!!

pretty exciting 🙂






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