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customs clearance from valparaiso

i headed off this morning to start the customs clearance process myself, something i’d been heavily advised against by Martina from Villa Kunterbunt where i’m staying… but Martina also wanted to charge me US$200 to do it for me so i was remaining hopeful that it might not be as hard as she was suggesting…

first stop, the customs building…

the customs desk at valparaiso

the customs desk at valparaiso


it’s a big old brown building on the esplanade, with “Duanas” written on the front in large white lettering, really easy to find.  i walked down there from the hostel and the guy at the door directed me to the far desk where a busy chilean man was attending to a steady flow of other people.

i presented him with the procedure for customs clearing the bike that the guys from the shipping company had given me (so he would know why i was there), he asked for a few other forms (passport, bill of lading, moto passport, and release from the shipping company), and then asked me to wait, doing an “i have some typing to do” mime.

After about an hour he came back to me with some more questions, a little more waiting and eventually he gave me a bunch of forms, shook my hand and even did a “me going to the warehouse with the forms and exchanging them for the bike” mime 🙂

“muchas gracias!”

headed back to the hostel and sherri jo was kind enough to let me use her bike to get out to the warehouse, and even hung out for long enough enough to make sure i was in the right place and was going to be able to get the bike.  Thanks Sherri!!

It took a little while but eventually i found betsy waiting patiently in a corner for me 🙂

my 950 SE all crated up

my 950 SE all crated up


Then with a little more help from Sherri (whose spanish is much better than mine!), and also some lifting help from the chilean forklift drivers i got past the red tape and eventually had betsy back into one piece –  she started up no problems!

if only all the women in my life were so dependable 😉


betsy and me

betsy and me


tomorrow i’ll head back to santiago where i think barton is getting things arranged to ride with me for a couple of months back to the US.

This is going to be fun 🙂


Customs clearance Process at Valparaiso

For anyone thinking about doing the customs clearance themselves in Valparaiso, i’d say go for it!  It was actually pretty straightforward, the gps coordinate for the customs building is S33.03409 W 71.63034, but still easy to find without, just come in on Routa 68, turn left when you get to the water and drive along the waterfront for 5 mins until you see it on your left, big redish brown building.

you’ll need a passort, the ownership document, the discharge notice from your shipping agent and the original bill of lading.  I dont speak much spanish but it didn’t matter too much, the guy there was really helpful.

from there you will need to head to the warehouse to collect the bike, my warehouse (and where most bikes go i am told) was on Routa 68, Km98 at the Texval yard.  Customs is just at the gate, give them the documents and get one of them to come with you to open the crate (we had to go back and forth), then you just need to pay some money for the storage and handling (i paid US400 for handling, 2 weeks storage and disposal of my crate).  

Then ride off into the sunset 🙂






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