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betsy is here!

After much emailing, calling, and finally a personal trip to the freight consolidation agent, i have found out that Betsy is indeed in Valparaiso!!

Very frikkin good news.

My lost bag with all my riding gear has also turned up, and is being held safely for me by Beatriz.  Thanks Bea!


beatriz and i

beatriz and i


On top of this, it looks like Barton might ride his bike back to the USA from here instead of freighting it, he still needs to work out some details, like quitting his job, finding someone to pay his bills, look after his dog etc, all minor details!!

It will take me another few days at least to get betsy out of customs, and by then i think Barton will know if he can swing the time off, either way i hope to be leaving Santiago by next weekend and starting the trip north to chase the summer.

I cant wait!



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