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meeting up with beatriz, barton and walter.

On Thursday night Barton and Walter (fresh from a motorcycle altitude record), along with my old travelling friend Beatriz (who lives in Santiago), came down to the hostel i was booked in at, and we all went out for a few pisco’s and some food…


mmmm pisco


the night ended messily, and as Beatriz later told me, “Dino, you need to listen to the locals, only 2 piscos for one night!”  Apparently we had 6 or 7 🙁

Since then we’ve stayed with a couple of different guys who have hosted Barton, Walter and Sherri Jo – aka the Husaberg Adverture Team, in their recent world record ride to the highest altitude ever reached by a motorcycle.  Take a look in my links for more info.


barton and me in santiago

barton and me in santiago


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