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on the way to costa rica!

quick update from the plane on my way to Costa Rica!! This morning i flew out of Paris and into Frankfurt.  Had two hours to get the connection so it was not a problem, until i finally arrived at the gate (having passed immigration and security already), they told me i needed a visa for the US because the plane was using US airspace!
“you can not board the plane”
“no i am not joking, this is serious”
“fucking paranoid americans!”
“yes the americans are a pain in the ass arent they”

I had to run 15mins for the length of the airport back to the checkin gates and apply for some e visa thing (40 euro thanks!) and then run back again to be the last guy on the plane!  Big thanks to the people at Condor air who personally ran part of the way with me and processed the visa in record time, you wouldn’t get that from Ryan Air, bunch of c&^%s they are, but that’s another story…

When i got back to the gate i saw a few other people being told the same thing as i was, and then the plane was late to take off as they had to remove some luggage for the people who didn’t make it in time.

Oh well, i’m here now, and finally starting to feel a bit excited about things too 🙂

Actually something quite funny just happened… you know those little milk containers they give you for coffee on the aeroplane, you peel back the lid and pour it in, like a miniature yogurt.  Well just now the top of mine didnt peel properly so i started to squeeze it to get the milk out.

i must have pressed  too hard because the lid caved in and my thumb went right into the container, squirting all the milk out all over me – mostly my face!

creampie anyone?    well i got a laugh about it!

so black coffee it is 🙂  i now have about 3 hours to get my connection in San Juan, where apparently i dont need to check my bag in again, but i do need to present it to customs and then put it back on the carousel… or something equally confusing.  I also need to get two more boarding passes for the last 2 legs of this crazy flight.

Assuming all goes well, i will arrive in santiago at 6am on the 5th of April.  I still dont know where my bike is though…




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