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ride for cambodia

fast forward 3 months…

So where have the last 3 months gone?  well, it was 4 weeks in cambodia, a week in vietnam, a week in bangkok, a week in koh lipeh (tiny island in the south of thailand), a week in italy and 2 weeks in france….

The time in Cambodia was to run the event that i’ve co-founded with my friend DaveG, a good guy from texas (even if he is a bit of a CUB).  The event is called Ride for Cambodia, the idea being to meet a bunch of friends in Cambodia, buy some little scooters and tour the country on them, eventually selling them at the end of the 2 week trip and donating the money to a worth cause in Cambodia.

Check out for more detail about that ride, including a great blog and some cool pics.

the dailem scooter used in ride for cambodia

the dailem scooter used in ride for cambodia



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