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on the way to costa rica!

quick update from the plane on my way to Costa Rica!! This morning i flew out of Paris and into Frankfurt.¬† Had two hours to get the connection so it was not a problem, until i finally arrived at the gate (having passed immigration and security already), they told me i needed a visa for … Continue reading »

fast forward 3 months…

So where have the last 3 months gone? ¬†well, it was 4 weeks in cambodia, a week in vietnam, a week in bangkok, a week in koh lipeh (tiny island in the south of thailand), a week in italy and 2 weeks in france…. The time in Cambodia was to run the event that i’ve … Continue reading »

ready to leave

so this is a bit late, and by a bit i mean about 3 months, but anyhow… this bike is (was) finally ready to leave. Big thanks to my brother for donating a new front rim to replace the cracked one (see previous) post. As you can see in the picture, i have a new … Continue reading »