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what happened to the blog?

this happened… then this happened…   then i went home, and had it all done again because the docs in Peru got it all a bit wrong. and now those pesky Peruvians have taken a liking to Betsy, and seem to want her to stay there. stay tuned for developments on that front. my leg … Continue reading »

leaving bolivia

Spent today waiting for hours on the side of the road between roadworks and landslides on the continuation of the death road, which incidentally is much more death defying than the actual death road.  Dirt, very slippery, lots of trucks, a 500m sheer drop along most of it without any guard rail, and only a … Continue reading »

bad news…

i’m sitting in a little bar while my bike lays on it’s side in the next room, one of the engine cases smeared in an epoxy to try to temporarily stop the oil coming from a crack about 10cm long under the motor, i suspect caused by the sidestand being bolted to the engine case, … Continue reading »

fast forward 3 months…

So where have the last 3 months gone?  well, it was 4 weeks in cambodia, a week in vietnam, a week in bangkok, a week in koh lipeh (tiny island in the south of thailand), a week in italy and 2 weeks in france…. The time in Cambodia was to run the event that i’ve … Continue reading »

things are not going well at all

i was fitting the new front tyre when i found this in the rim.  things like this make me nervous about taking betsy out on another expedition to far away places.  better that it happened at home, but i just hope the old girl doesnt have too many more surprises for me.  I was actually … Continue reading »

can a KTM 950 run without a stator?

last week Paul and i set off for Melbourne, planning to ride the ocean rd on the way over and the alpine country on the way home, visiting some family and friends in between. as fate would have it, the weather forecast was for storms all the way over, but the gods were smiling so … Continue reading »