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on the way to costa rica!

quick update from the plane on my way to Costa Rica!! This morning i flew out of Paris and into Frankfurt.  Had two hours to get the connection so it was not a problem, until i finally arrived at the gate (having passed immigration and security already), they told me i needed a visa for … Continue reading »

fast forward 3 months…

So where have the last 3 months gone?  well, it was 4 weeks in cambodia, a week in vietnam, a week in bangkok, a week in koh lipeh (tiny island in the south of thailand), a week in italy and 2 weeks in france…. The time in Cambodia was to run the event that i’ve … Continue reading »

ready to leave

so this is a bit late, and by a bit i mean about 3 months, but anyhow… this bike is (was) finally ready to leave. Big thanks to my brother for donating a new front rim to replace the cracked one (see previous) post. As you can see in the picture, i have a new … Continue reading »

things are not going well at all

i was fitting the new front tyre when i found this in the rim.  things like this make me nervous about taking betsy out on another expedition to far away places.  better that it happened at home, but i just hope the old girl doesnt have too many more surprises for me.  I was actually … Continue reading »

departure date looms but…

betsy is still not mobile.  paul helped me get the motor back into shape (i.e. he did it), so i was hoping to be ready to leave by now, but betsy seems to like being back in australia so is making things difficult for me. I’m waiting for an undertray and new headlight, but more critically … Continue reading »

can a KTM 950 run without a stator?

last week Paul and i set off for Melbourne, planning to ride the ocean rd on the way over and the alpine country on the way home, visiting some family and friends in between. as fate would have it, the weather forecast was for storms all the way over, but the gods were smiling so … Continue reading »