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mendosa back into chile…

thanks to jorge from hostel independencia in mendosa for suggesting a great ride back to uspallata, it’s been a long time since betsy last saw some dirt! most of these pics were taken in argentina on a road called las carreras (the racetrack), appropriate name too! our plan was to ride from mendosa to uspallata … Continue reading »

pics from the ride to mendosa


first day in argentina

we leave the main highway headed north and turn east on the no 60, towards mendosa.  the road climbs quickly when we reach a set of switchbacks, left uphill hairpin turn, short straight, right uphill hairpin turn, repeat. i watch the altitude climb from 1000m to 3000m as the mercury drops, as does the horsepower … Continue reading »

finally ready to leave santiago!

it’s taken more than a week but we are finally ready to roll out of here.  barton has spent the last week unpacking and repacking crates and boxes to find the parts he needed to turn the husaberg from a short distance bike into an adventure bike.   we had planned to leave this morning … Continue reading »

a plan takes shape… and an accident.

we’re headed back to Yohan’s place after mailing some bags and other unnecessary items back to australia and it starts to rain… so the road is a little wet, not the sort of gushing ‘i’m riding across a river’ kind of wet, but more like a ‘i wish it was just a bit dryer’ sort of … Continue reading »

customs clearance from valparaiso

i headed off this morning to start the customs clearance process myself, something i’d been heavily advised against by Martina from Villa Kunterbunt where i’m staying… but Martina also wanted to charge me US$200 to do it for me so i was remaining hopeful that it might not be as hard as she was suggesting… … Continue reading »

i’m in valparaiso!

Arrived courtesy of Sherri Jo giving me a lift out here with the 990 that she’s got on loan while the local dealer fixes the botched rebuild they did some time ago. We’re staying at Villa Kunterbunt, cool guesthouse that only allows motorcycle travellers to stay!     Tomorrow morning i head to customs to … Continue reading »

betsy is here!

After much emailing, calling, and finally a personal trip to the freight consolidation agent, i have found out that Betsy is indeed in Valparaiso!! Very frikkin good news. My lost bag with all my riding gear has also turned up, and is being held safely for me by Beatriz.  Thanks Bea!     On top … Continue reading »

meeting up with beatriz, barton and walter.

On Thursday night Barton and Walter (fresh from a motorcycle altitude record), along with my old travelling friend Beatriz (who lives in Santiago), came down to the hostel i was booked in at, and we all went out for a few pisco’s and some food…     the night ended messily, and as Beatriz later told … Continue reading »

arrival in chile

well that was entertaining, getting to chile eventually took me…  a metro, a bus, an 8km walk, another bus, another train, 4 planes, another bus, another metro and another walk. and my riding gear has disappeared somewhere between paris and santiago 🙁 “pardon, ablas ingles?” i asked the guy at the Condor air counter… “yes … Continue reading »